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High Quality Amish Furniture at a Reasonable Price

Benchley's Amish Furniture and Gifts is the largest Amish furniture store in Michigan. We offer a huge selection of furniture for every room in your home in an amazing array of styles. We carefully screen our furniture craftsmen to make sure we carry only the highest quality Amish built furniture at the best possible prices. We then pass that value on to you. Our furniture design consultants can help you select from a wide range of styles, wood species, finishes, and more. Stop into our Clare, MI showroom today and see all of the possibilities with Amish built, American made furniture.


The highest quality hand-crafted furniture



The best furniture at a reasonable price



An outstanding selection of furniture to browse


Furniture Customized to Your Exact Specifications

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Here at Benchley’s Amish Furniture and Gifts we can help you customize your furniture so it is absolutely perfect for your home. You can choose from a large selection of solid hardwoods like oak, maple, walnut, cherry, and more. Then select your finish from a wide selection of paints and stains. Next let us show you all of the available hardware, edge profiles, and we can even have the size customized just the way you want it. Stop into Benchley’s Furniture showroom today and let us help you find the furniture of your dreams!


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We have purchased 2 full rooms of furniture and on April 14, 2021, we were ready to make another significant purchase. When we arrived, we found a sign on the door saying they were a constitutional compliant business and refused to enforce and laws and regulations issued by the governor or health department that they decided were unconstitutional. It's a furniture store, not the Supreme Court. They can't issue rulings on the constitutionality of laws. Why did they decided to interject their political views into a furniture store? Lost us forever as customers. We went to a competitor and ordered what we wanted. Same furniture, better price and no politics!

thumb Sherry Milstein
April 16, 2021

Absolutely awesome store! Very nice and professional staff and the highest quality furniture. As a side, I found some of the negative comments hilarious. If store management wants to have an anti mask policy, so what??? Unless one has a genuine N95 mask, they do little other than make one feel good! Besides, how many people actually change out their masks or wash them on a daily basis? If you’re not doing that, you are part of the problem as your “safety net” mask becomes a germ factory in no time! I will be back to this store for sure!

thumb Matthew
May 14, 2022
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